Everwood Season 4 Episode 19

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Andy's father, whom the Brown's haven't seen in 15 years, pays a visit to Everwood surprising Andy, Ephram and Delia. Ephram and Amy try to cheer Bright up and take him out to celebrate his 21st birthday. This ends badly when a drunk Bright falls through a window and ends up in hospital. Hannah rushes to Bright's side, leaving Nick behind on their date. Jake's big question last week, gets an answer from Nina as she has decided to move to LA. Andy is not happy about this. Edna and Irv decide to drive all over the country for their retirement.

Category: Everwood, Everwood Season 4

Actor: Gregory Smith, Treat Williams, Emily VanCamp, Tom Amandes, Vivien Cardone, Stephanie Niznik, Merrilyn Gann, Debra Mooney, Chris Pratt, John Beasley

Quality: HD 720p

Rating: 8.3/10

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